L.A. County’s Internal Services Department Disappoints With Off-Target CCA “Business Plan” Delivery

The consultants hired by L.A. County’s Internal Service Department to produce a Los Angeles County Community Choice Energy Business Plan have done so and we found it thoroughly disappointing and a failure to deliver on the Board of Supervisors direction.


On this day we have delivered our formal response comments and recommendations to the proposed plan and as you will read we found much to be lacking in the work by the consultants who were hired without a request for proposals process and without having any viable experience in producing a CCA business plan before.


Here is an excerpt from our cover letter in our response document:

Unfortunately, this process has fallen short of the above objectives. In general, stakeholders and municipalities were kept at “arms-length”. This stands sharply in contrast to CCA launch efforts in other jurisdictions that have adhered to a much higher level of transparency and stakeholder engagement. As a result, the Business Plan:

  • Disregarded substantial input from stakeholders on workforce development and green jobs, and only included a generic discussions of distributed resources (which is so high-level as to be without practical use);
  • Proposed a governance structure wholly controlled by the County;
  • Excluded cities from the financial forecasts and provided no practical guidance on how cities would join the LACCE.

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Thank You, Senator Ben Allen!

Two years ago, in August of 2014, then candidate for State Senate, Ben Allen, posed for the photo above with then Manhattan Beach Mayor, Amy Thomas Howorth, and new Chair of the South Bay Clean Power Working Group, Joe Galliani.

Flash forward 2 years and now State Senator Ben Allen has been a strong and consistent supporter of our Community Choice Power efforts.

Yesterday, in his comments on AB 1110, the Senator gave a very important floor speech on the bill in which he insisted that the CEC and CARB must establish greenhouse gas reporting standards that include full lifecycle emissions of electricity sources.

We salute Senator Allen’s wisdom and leadership on this issue and we are deeply gratified to have such an environmental champion playing a leadership role on CCAs in Sacramento. Thank you, Senator Ben Allen!

Thank you, Howard Choy

We want to thank LA County’s General Manager of Sustainability, Howard Choy, for his comments on the record, recognizing our organization’s role in starting the LA County CCA initiative.

Here is Mr. Choy speaking to the Long Beach Sustainable City Commission on March 24, 2016.