Kent Palmerton Endorsement Letter

Kent Palmerton is one of the top public power industry professionals we submitted our South Bay Clean Power business plan to. We asked them all to take a critical look at our plan and offer their opinions and analysis.  We are very proud to received this strong endorsement from Mr. Palmerton.  Click here to read and download the entire letter.

Torrance City Council Votes to Review South Bay Clean Power Business Plan

Last night at the Torrance City Council meeting Council voted 6-1 to approve their City Manager’s recommendations that they:

1) Receive and file the South Bay Clean Power (SBCP) Working Group’s draft Joint Powers Authority Agreement, Business Plan, and presentation; and
2) Receive and file the Los Angeles Community Choice Energy Working Group’s final Joint Powers Authority Agreement and presentation; and
3) Direct staff to perform an analysis of the business plans, joint powers authority agreements and potential participation in the Community Choice Aggregation programs and return with recommendations.

Here’s a video clip of the vote:

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City of Torrance First To Join New Advisory Committee

Just after midnight last night the Torrance City Council reviewed and voted on a motion to officially join the South Bay Clean Power (SBCP) Advisory Committee.

The Ad Hoc SBCP Working Group is now evolving into an Advisory Committee with elected representatives and staff from each city who together with other key stakeholders will review and consider a JPA agreement, a South Bay Clean Power business plan and other options available to the cities exploring their Community Choice Power options.

The vote was unanimous to participate.  Here’s video of the staff report, Council and public discussion and the vote:

The Los Angeles County CCA Feasibility Study & Business Plan

Here it is, released Thursday night.



We are amused that the words “South Bay Clean Power” are nowhere to be found in this document since the LA County Program is the result of our efforts and began at our request to Supervisor Don Knabe’s office in November of 2014.

Perhaps the report’s Kirkland, Washington consultants did not review our website or history as part of their due diligence or best practices in this, their first effort at a California CCA business plan.

Please note that this document is the work of the LA County Internal Services Department and has not been reviewed or approved by Supervisors Knabe and Kuehl, or the Board of Supervisors.  Rest assured both of our CCA champions are well informed and up to speed about our role and efforts in this process.

Here’s Our Workforce Development Input for LA County’s Community Choice Energy Program

Our South Bay Clean Power Economic and Workforce Development Advisory Committee had breakfast with LA County’s Energy and Sustainability Manager, Howard Choy, last month to discuss what would be in the County’s Implementation and Business Plan on these issues.  At that meeting we were invited by Howard, whom we’ve been working with since early 2015, to provide the input for the County’s plan.  You can download what we submitted HERE.

This is the cover letter that accompanied our input. We were very proud to have it sent on IBEW 11 letterhead:



Climate Action Santa Monica Presents: Why Community Choice Energy Is The Right Choice For Santa Monica & LA County

On May 31, Climate Action Santa Monica hosted a forum featuring Joe Galliani of South Bay Clean Power and Shawn Marshall (via webinar) of LEAN Energy US.  Shawn explains what a Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program is, how they function, and how well they’re working for Marin Clean Energy, Sonoma Clean Power, and Lancaster Choice Energy.  Joe shares the history of South Bay Clean Power’s initiative and its then status and progress.  If you weren’t among the almost 200 people in attendance that fine day, here are their complete presentations.